Noah 105 (2018)

RIDLEY NOAH 105 (2018) ₹ 2,27,100/- View Specifications The Noah is our answer to those with a strong need for Speed. Every aspect of this aero Road Bikes bike is designed with watt-to-km/h transfer in mind. We integrate our FAST-technology throughout the frame [...]

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Dean 105 (2018)

RIDLEY DEAN 105 (2018) ₹ 2,27,100/- View Specifications The Dean is our extremely versatile bike for that everyday adventurer who thrives on challenges against the clock. Inspired by our Dean FAST, incorporating F-Surface Plus technology, the Dean is made of 30/20-ton high-modulus Carbon [...]

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Noah 105 Mix

RIDLEY NOAH 105 MIX ₹ 2,27,000/- View Specifications We’ve put all the successful ingredients of the Noah SL into the ‘ordinary’ Noah, making it a top class, yet affordable bike. The rigid 24-ton carbon transfers every pedal stroke right onto the asphalt. If [...]

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