From the Noah SL of André Greipel to the Liz of a cycling enthusiast, all Ridley bikes are built for glory. Your glory can be a victory in a race, but it might as well be conquering a mountain stage or reaching the top of one. And why not achieving a difficult MTB descent or getting through a muddy cyclocross track? And what about riding to support charity? At Ridley, we leave all options open. Because every rider can and must have his own moment of glory. Use the hashtag #BeTOUGH and share it with us and with all the other Ridley riders who are part of the Ridley community.
We ride.
We ride hard.
We do not complain.
We take our pull.
Rain does not stop us.
The harder the wind blows, the stronger we get.
Cobbles do not faze us, they only push us to go faster.
Mountains are conquered, not avoided.
Honour is paramount.
Bikes are tools to accomplish our goals.
We get them dirty.
We polish them clean.
We are humble.
Our legs speak, our mouths do not.
Words are hollow, actions tell all.
Inner strength drives us.
We are more determined and committed than those around us.
We are competitive not with others but with ourselves.
When we fall off, we get back on.
We do not stop until we reach our goal.





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Famous Belgian heritage

Ride the same bikes as Lotto-Soudal

Designed & Built in Belgium

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